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Frunze: a scrap derived from a tape industry

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  "Made in the China and the United States' interest in the two companies are exploring product innovation. Among them, Fulong belt initially only from a production belt, and today the formation of an industry, and this product made the industry benchmark; and through special forging die is to see the market demand created through special mold, speed control of the supply of products, delivery and quality issues, ensure that the industry has a good price advantage.
  With the development of industrial economy, machinery automation industry hot, also led to the development of transmission equipment industry.
  Ningbo Fulong Synchronous Belt Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Frunze) Lin Jian, deputy chief management in the "China Business" reporter said, Fulong companies around import substitution for the Chinese mechanical transmission base member as an opportunity, through management innovation and product updates, to fill gaps in the domestic market. Not only for the traditional manufacturing belt, in recent years, also widely used in automobile manufacturing industry, from the initial production is only one belt, and today the formation of an industry, Fulong has become the industry benchmark for enterprise.
  Leads from the band scrapped
  Reform and opening up, foreign equipment have moved into China, and the corresponding service can not be achieved in time synchronization support. Provide power conduction tape as consumable goods, will inevitably produce replacement demand, while supporting imperfect, so technically dominate a profit handsomely equipment, because one of the key parts of the tape damage sudden interruption " getting money, "the only hope and pray is that users find a replacement product as soon as possible.
  In the urgent needs of the market, research and development Fulong founder sprout rubber (11600, -155.00, -1.32%) belt idea. And was the only basis for the development, that is, from other companies to come to a tape scrapped, hired technical staff is too much talk and little, the effect is minimal, the first tape to do it later, when the first test did not turn off . In order to solve the elastic tooth cloth, founder repeatedly to clothing stores, a rarity in the right fabric, cut cuffs for trial production.
  According to the company's older employees recalled, in this material unfunded, relying on alternative equipment, technology is the case of ignorance, all investment in the first year were in vain. Late last year, for wages to employees, the founders desire was denied a bank loan; some employees see hope, demanded the return of fund-raising from the factory; brick home boss to discuss money brick building during that time ...... entrepreneurs have to bear the spirit of the dual pressures of the economy.
  The face of difficulties, entrepreneurs realize a truth: brute force is not the answer, technology products should take scientific and technological cooperation of the road. Then they, has made contact with Shanghai, Nanjing, Harbin related universities, research institutions through a variety of relationships, and gradually all broken up on raw materials, equipment and technology. In order to obtain a Japanese belt manufacturer's catalog, the company founder also TOUGH, holding a value of annual wages 14-inch color TV to replace it.
  Finally, entrepreneurs hard work and dedication paid off. October 1987, Fulong belt developed through the national identification, to fill the gap in the second year also included in the National Spark Program.
  Lin Jian told reporters, through nearly 10 years of development, the belt has spawned an industry, Frunze also be regarded as the industry benchmark for enterprise. Already on the market such practice, if there is need for belt supporting equipment exports, we will first look Fulong brand, "This is because Fulong comprehensive strength, has been recognized by customers."
  According to reports, the timing belt product integrates all the advantages of the V-belt and gear these traditional products, and in the automation equipment widely used in China as the world's "workshop", which belongs to the growing market demand, quality requirements are increasing. Especially in the automotive engine timing belt is to ensure the normal operation of critical components of the engine, once the product quality problems occur, the car will not run properly, it is serious car crash injuries.
  All imports of raw materials ensure quality
  "Today belt from a business into an industry, practitioners and more companies, and some large foreign brands came in, they set up factories in China in sales, intense competition it up." Lam told reporters, "but I think that it is also in the country belonging to a sunrise industry, still in the process of growth."
  The Fulong belt after years of development, has formed a unique marketing system that can meet the more variety, less bulk of demand, but also to undertake OEM orders matching; can provide international standard products, customers can also require special processing. "Our customers in China are mainly two, one is in need of such equipment for their own use belts, there is a kind of production equipment to be exported, the export of equipment required matching belt." Lam said, "So in 2008, when exports situation is bad, domestic sales also, many manufacturing companies exporting cold, with a matching reduction side, but we can compete on price with foreign enterprises. "
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