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Development Status of glass milling machine belt Industry

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  Glass milling machine belt is a common configuration, the quality of decisions belt precision glass edger.
  However, some of the production of glass milling machine belt manufacturers and some big but not strong, some backward technology, there's simply no related research and development, some enterprises blindly launched, there is no awareness of the market!
  The quality of products related to the development of enterprises, related to the business advantage in the market competition, related to the company's survival. Product quality is a measure of the strength of enterprises basic signs that a certain sense, is a measure of an important indicator of an industry quality, technical level of governance. Throughout all domestic and international success of enterprise, we attach great importance to product quality and management. Some say: "Where is the quality, the market where the quality of how high the market is as big." "Quality is the lifeline of enterprises," and so on, these words have a profound truth. As a manufacturer, we must improve product quality as a strategic priority task.
  In order to fierce competition in the market based on the need to ensure the quality of products, we must go to the technical development and improvement of production equipment to improve and improve, improve testing methods! To improve the safety performance of the product, but also to improve product performance!
  Now the production of glass milling machine belt equipment level has been greatly improved than before, improved product quality synchronous belt. But the technical side, we find safety standard review, there are a lot of manufacturers due to insufficient funds, low R & D capabilities, technology investment is not in place, still remain in their own and their own level of competition, still with makeshift attitude towards its own technology , how can we face the quality of competition it? Quality is the life, no quality, no everything. "Afraid not know what's what, afraid of confinement." Survival of the fittest in the market competition mechanism, improving product quality without delay!
  Currently through continuous adjustment from the original 680S ~ 1400S type level glass milling machine belt, and now it has grown to some plants 2500S type, and has grown to the 2800S. Production of high-strength glass milling machine belt requirements for production equipment is very high, needs a stable tension, speed and temperature, the ability to produce high-strength glass milling machine belt manufacturers now only eight or so, there are many manufacturers also can not afford the transformation of production equipment.
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