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Rubber industry sales booming tape industry continues to heat up

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  2011-- period in 2012, although the Chinese adhesive tape industry is facing domestic and international economic situation is complicated, but thanks to the sustainable development of automobile, coal, metallurgy, machinery and other downstream industries, as well as polymer materials, modern logistics and transport, belt drive, advances in technologies such as mechatronics, China continues to maintain its position as the world's tape production and consumption power. Tape domestic product varieties, the annual output of the 2011 National conveyor belt more than 400 million square meters, the current domestic tape products have to meet the needs of economic development.
  Rubber industry in 2011 to maintain the development momentum of sales booming, tape production and export situation continued growth, but the impact of soaring raw material prices and labor cost increases, etc., a substantial increase in production costs, increase enterprise unprecedented pressure, especially 2011 rubber and other raw material prices fluctuated wildly, natural rubber reached 43,500 yuan per ton in the first quarter of the historical record, synthetic rubber, the second and third quarter, an increase of 10,000 yuan / ton, after both fell sharply.
  Last year, affected by fluctuations in rubber, plastic production and operation costs are difficult to control, inventory and increased risk of severely compressed profit margins, the industry is facing severe challenges. After 2012, although labor costs increasing trend has not changed, but because the prices of raw materials declined to some extent, corporate profits rebounded, especially consumption than the larger rubber conveyor belt products, profits rebounded significantly.
  In 2011, the Chinese Rubber Industry Association, People's Government of Qingdao Sifang District, Qingdao University of Science and Technology, soft Holdings Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement, China Rubber Industry Association hose tape branch and shoes Branch, Chinese Academy of Sciences settled rubber gutta percha Valley. The valley of the total planned area of ​​3,000 acres, is a set of industry associations, universities, research institutions, renowned rubber enterprises and intermediary services as one of the high-end industrial agglomeration area, with research and education, industry incubation, information platform, convention and exhibition business, cultural exhibition, mediation intermediation and other six functions.
  Rubber Valley is the development of a good carrier tape industry, can achieve integration of production and research, at the same time, the ecosystem will tape and tape around all the sectors included in, rubber chemicals companies, research institutions, intermediaries, exhibition, life support enterprises together to form a self-development, interacting with each other ecosystem type of high-end industry gathering area.
  2011 National Development and Reform Commission officially announced "industrial restructuring Catalog", which reflects the structural adjustment and industrial upgrading in the direction of content, but also pay more attention to the strategic development of new industries and innovation, as well as excess capacity constraints and guide the industry. Introduction of the new directory, clear the "cotton cords as reinforcing materials of common conveyor belt and nylon cords as reinforcing materials for V-belt" as out of class.
  In addition, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in January 2012 promulgated the "industrial transformation and upgrading Investment Guide", "Guide" that "high-speed automobile engine temperature and other high-tech belt belt, coal mine and underground layered fabric conveyor belt low smoke, low toxicity flame retardant conveyor belt. improve tubes and high angle conveyor belt conveyor belt conveyor and other emerging technology. improving heat resistant conveyor belt level and prolong life. "" Guide "is intended to guide the development of the industrial world, guide nongovernmental investment, strengthen technological innovation, and growth characteristics and advantages of industry, foster the development of new industries, and promote the transfer of industries and eliminate backward production capacity, improve the capability of independent innovation, accelerate industrial upgrading.
  March 2012, Industry and Information Technology Ministry issued "on deepening the industrial enterprises brand development pilot work notice", announced the 141 industrial enterprises in brand development pilot enterprises, wherein the rubber industry enterprises have six, inform the main work content and time node arrangements and proposed specific job requirements.
  Ministry also asked the pilot enterprises to earnestly fulfill its commitments and planned arrangements for experimental work, responsibility, a clear mandate, the control node, to further promote the pilot work actively under the guidance recommended units, maintaining contact with the pilot management office, timely communication to work information, there are conducive to nurture and build market credibility and influence brand rubber, conducive to achieving the strategic vision of building a world rubber industrial powers, the development of the rubber industry has a great role in promoting.
  The current situation of domestic and foreign markets, the tape industry in China is a good opportunity. With the growing demand of the domestic market, enterprises can consolidate various tape existing infrastructure at the same time, strengthen enterprise management, improve technology and equipment level, the adjustment of product structure, independent innovation, develop new technologies and new products with independent intellectual property rights, do a good job upgrading products, create their own brands. However, the Chinese adhesive tape industry still faces some unfavorable factors.
  First, the rubber raw material prices high and volatile, tape products for China's anti-dumping incidents from time to time, export trade friction tape again appear. January 30, 2012, Argentina originating in China, a width greater than or equal to 300 mm, the anti-dumping investigation with textile material reinforced vulcanized rubber conveyor belt. All of these situations should cause the entire tape industry and various enterprises attention, and customize the appropriate plan to take timely measures to prevent or reduce the impact on the business.
  Second, the amount of attention to the extensive economic growth mode has not been converted to intensive scientific attention to quality anti-war economic growth mode, resources are not efficient use and recycling, there is no real concept of circular economy to establish in the tape industry. China's research and development capabilities tape is still insufficient. Chinese belt manufacturing equipment in urgent need of replacement, the overall level of domestic belt industry is still in a backward state, a small belt manufacturers generally use the machine transformation earth-moving equipment, domestic belt manufacturers are small businesses, after the market price competition, the corporate profits low, unable to continue to develop into a new generation of belt equipment.
  Third, weight, safety, environmental protection, energy conservation is the development direction of the global tape industry, but it has so far not attracted full attention to the tape industry in China, the industry has long existed tape tape unreasonable product structure, excess capacity, industry development and the blind vicious competition without the problem still exists. Adjust the industrial structure and eliminate backward production capacity of the road is very difficult.
  Industrial tape industry should be the future reality, and strive to achieve industrial scale and gradually increase, more reasonable industrial layout, significantly improve the product structure, technology has improved significantly and the energy savings achieved performance targets. Through the adjustment of industrial structure, accelerate the production of power from the tape production power to shift to a strong business as the leading industry groups to accelerate development, strengthen the weak corporate mergers and acquisitions, increased industry concentration, the transition from labor-intensive to technology-intensive increase from the main focus on quantity to emphasis on improving the quality of transition.
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