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High-tech industry with tremendous opportunities rubber

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  In the rubber (11540, -215.00, -1.83%), industrial growth slowed in the background, the 13th National Conference & Rubber Industry information to speed up the application of high technology to achieve the transformation development forum held last year in Hangzhou. Experts pointed out that the promotion and application of high technology to transform traditional rubber industry, is the only way for China's rubber industry continued steady and rapid development.
  World rubber industry after 160 years of development, has become important in many traditional industries in developed countries, is now in the global rubber consumption reached 17 million tons or more, about 100,000 kinds of rubber products throughout human society in various fields. Rubber industry in the secondary industry group, with the elastomeric material industry unique. Last two to three decades, the rubber industry in the 1970s due to the two world oil crisis, the global rubber industry emerged from the expansion of long-term economic benefits depend on the amount of the increase as the primary means to gradually convert from improving quality, increasing variety and continue to reduce production costs as the goal of the new era.
  Huang Mao with the rubber industry experts said the high-tech rubber products for the rubber industry has opened up a new economic growth point. In recent years, high-tech materials and rubber products for the needs of high-tech industries to adapt to the emergence, for promoting the development of the rubber industry a new economic growth point. High-tech rubber material with new properties, not found in the market has not dozens. Although their amount of glue is still small, but high added value, growing fast, in industrial products which have begun to occupy a certain position in the future it is likely to form a new industry.
  Currently, the fastest growing are: electronic information, damping sealed, office automation, home appliances and other high-tech rubber material with respect. The vast majority of these materials are chemically modified rubber, rubber and plastics (8440, -185.00, -2.14%) as well as blends of composite products in various ways, it has become the most difficult points of the rubber polymer functional materials.
  With the rapid development of high technology, many of the traditional rubber products are also beginning to realize high performance and functional. Them throughout all aspects of the tire, and other industrial products to shoes, are: green tires, intelligent tire, belt, with energy saving, explosion-proof hose and a variety of functional shoes, there are a variety of sealing, shock absorption, transfer printing, rubber induction parts and so on. The use of high technology to transform the traditional rubber products rubber products based on the future development of the rubber industry has opened up new avenues.
  Huang Mao said the same, but also the rubber industry through technological innovation, the adjustment of product structure to meet the requirements of low-carbon automotive industry and other fields, such as development, production for electric cars and hybrid vehicles tires and low fuel consumption tires, thermoplastic elastomers and other new applications materials development and manufacturing of automotive sealing, damping and other products, to improve the efficiency of automotive belt, development and production of clean energy and renewable energy industry needs rubber products.
  The main high-tech industry is also an urgent need to overcome the current rubber has eucommia rubber industry and application technology, development and application of technology dandelion rubber, tire industry green technology, development and application of nano-modified fibers, shoes automatic production lines. Huang Mao with the view that the power of the rubber enterprises should increase investment, promote the development and application of high technology, to create the rubber industry green kingdom.
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