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Features of imported Timing belt


Timing belt wheels are generally made of steel, aluminum alloy, cast iron, brass, etc. There are circular holes, D-shaped holes, conical holes, and other forms of inner holes. Surface treatment includes natural color oxidation, blackening, galvanizing, color zinc plating, high-frequency quenching, and other treatments. The accuracy level depends on customer requirements.

1. The Timing belt wheels produced by Timing belt wheels are not only matched with the Timing belt produced by domestic equipment, but also can replace the imported Timing belt wheels.

2. For customized Timing belt pulley, please provide the pulley drawing (it is unnecessary to draw the tooth size of pulley in the drawing). The pulley drawing can be drawn for the user according to the specifications, models, inner holes, keyways, widths and other dimensions provided by the user.

3. The Timing belt wheel can be processed according to the user's requirements, and our factory can also make drawings for users.

Features of Timing belt wheel:

(1) Accurate transmission, no sliding during operation, with constant transmission ratio;

(2) Smooth transmission, with buffering and damping capabilities, and low noise;

(3) High transmission efficiency, up to 0.98, with obvious energy-saving effect;

(4) Convenient maintenance, no need for lubrication, and low maintenance costs;

(5) The speed ratio range is large, usually up to 10, and the linear speed can reach 50m/s, with a large power transmission range of several watts to several hundred kilowatts;

(6) Can be used for long-distance transmission, with a center distance of over 10m.

(7) No pollution, can work normally in places where pollution is not allowed and the working environment is relatively harsh

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