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Factors affecting the service life of synchronous belts


Each product has a usage period, and it is normal for the synchronous belt to age normally and its performance to gradually weaken with the extension of usage time. The service life of synchronous belts affects our production costs, and how to ensure the service life of synchronous belts has become one of our concerns and concerns. The editor has compiled the following aspects for everyone. Avoiding these factors when using a synchronous belt can make its service life longer.


Application of synchronous belts:


What are the factors that affect the service life of synchronous belts?


1. Unreasonable design, lack of attention to details during installation, and improper maintenance can all lead to various problems during the subsequent use of the synchronous belt, which will greatly affect its lifespan.


2. Frequency of use: As we all know, if a machine is overused, its lifespan may be greatly reduced. The synchronous belt is a small accessory in the machine, and if it is also overused, its service life will also be discounted, so its service life is related to the frequency of use. 3. The degree of freshness of the equipment: A new device generally has a relatively long lifespan when installing a synchronous belt. However, when an old device is installed, its lifespan will be greatly reduced. So its service life is somewhat related to the degree of novelty of the new equipment.


4. Whether the operator operates in a standardized manner: If the operator operates the machine equipment according to the standard, the service life of the machine equipment will increase, so its service life will also be extended accordingly. However, if the operating steps of the equipment are not standardized by the staff, it will lead to a continuous reduction in its service life, and other situations may also occur.


5. Environmental factors: If a machine is placed in a relatively humid area that is not conducive to work, its service life will be reduced, and its service life will also decrease accordingly.

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